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AUS Projects NT is committed to sound environmental policies to afford protection to our natural and manmade environments. This policy sets out the responsibilities of AUS Projects NT and its employees with the aim that together we can maintain a healthy environment and protect our natural resources.

This policy has been developed to consider the requirements of the Environmental Protection Agency, guidance, legislation and ISO14001; 2015 Environmental Management Systems. This policy forms part of our core group of policies of our Integrated Management System, which is Environmentally Certified.

The overall objectives of AUS Projects NT approach to our environment include;
1. Ensure the use of chemicals in our Katherine workshop and yard are identified, controlled, suitably stored and disposed of,
2. Ensure the natural bush and outback areas in which we work are protected from our pollution, waste and fire,
3. Ensure chemical use and product wastage & packaging is controlled related to our project based activities,
4. To minimise pollution and excessive use of power, water and other natural products.


AUS Projects NT will achieve this by;

1. Ensure, wherever possible, to eliminate chemicals with a high risk to the environment,

2. To purchase, use and maintain chemicals which are identified as environmentally friendly,
3. To ensure workshop mechanics & project workers are aware all wastage, including packaging, reclaimed
fluids and other potential materials which may cause pollution be disposed of in segregated bins wherever
4. To monitor our natural environment surrounding the Katherine Corporate offices, workshop and yard areas through inspection, external  nvironmental audits, involvement of external consultants as necessary which can support and provide feedback and guidance,
5. Ensure our workers, clients and other interested parties are aware of our environmental commitment through induction and general communication.


All Management and Supervisors are responsible and accountable for the implementation of this policy.

Employee, visitors and subcontractors have responsibility to be aware of the Environmental Policy, our commitment, to ask or seek information if unsure and follow workplace instructions and procedures in relation to environmental matters.

This policy will be reviewed annually in consultation with employees.

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