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Equity & Diversity

The AUS Projects NT work environment is diverse and includes people drawn from all walks of life, with an array of different backgrounds, age, ethnicity, gender, life experience, family responsibility and religious beliefs. Embracing this diversity is fundamental to the successful operation of the company; in fact it is a critical differentiation in high performing teams.

We place great emphasis on ensuring our people work in an environment where they are treated fairly, with respect and dignity, and their diverse background, skills and contributions are recognised and valued. By doing so we will ensure people feel appreciated and valued which in turn leads to greater creativity, innovation and enhanced productivity.

The Integrated Management System encompasses the AUS Projects NT Equity and Diversity Plan which is the corner stone for equity and diversity for the company. It ensures principles and practices are implemented, managed and evaluated. All AUS Projects NT employees are encouraged to commit to the equity and diversity principles and requirements in the plan, particularly:

   •    incorporating equity and diversity requirements into business plans and allocating appropriate resources;
   •    ensuring managers and supervisors meet their responsibilities through the inclusion of equity and diversity responsibilities in performance agreements;
   •    completing mandatory annual equity and diversity awareness training;
   •    providing support  ensuring that a trained Equity Officer is available to staff; and
   •    managing incidents of unacceptable behaviour in the workplace with sensitivity.

The Managing Director AUS Projects NT is responsible and accountable for equity and diversity within the company. Through this policy statement, We are committing all staff within the company to adhere to the principles and practices of equity and diversity.

We require all staff within the company to contribute to a supportive and productive work environment and to embrace the differences people bring to the workplace. With equity and diversity securely entrenched in our work practices and procedures, we firmly believe that AUS Projects NT will be able to attract and retain the best people. This in turn will enhance our effectiveness by having a more flexible, cohesive workforce with a higher morale.

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