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Steven Dhu

Steven is an Aboriginal man from the Pilbara of Western Australia. Born and educated in the Pilbara town of Port Hedland he has worked in many areas in the Mining and Education sectors. He studied Law at the University of Western Australia before practicing Law in Native Title, Mining Law and Commercial Law.


During his years of practice Steven assisted in many Commercial dealings with Traditional Owners. Steven was Legal Counsel for a Pilbara Aboriginal Corporation and was involved in
significant Corporate Governance and Trust Structures.


Steven has substantial experience in financial capacity building and business
development and is a Director on a number of Aboriginal Corporations boards. At the heart of the AUS business model is Steven’s aspirations for the betterment of Aboriginal people through the creation of sustainable career opportunities, mentoring
and education. Steven has strong family and cultural links throughout all the operating regions of AUS with in-depth understandings and relationships amongst Traditional Owners (TO) in the Pilbara, Kimberley, South West and the Northern Territory.


Michael Hales

Michael is a founding Director of Aboriginal United Services (AUS) and has a passion for implementing and driving business strategies to increase the economic development of Aboriginal people and Aboriginal owned businesses.


It is Michael’s view that there is a great opportunity for the Government and Private sectors to help create immediate, ongoing sustainable economic and employment opportunities for
Aboriginal people. The net effect of this will help drive positive outcomes and role models for Aboriginal people in regional and metropolitan areas across Australia.

Building the Australian “Aboriginal Economy” and the creation of more sustainable diverse Aboriginal owned enterprises is going to be the leading factor in closing the gap and an area Michael takes a lot of pride in being part of.


Andrew Harvey

Andrew is a motivated individual that heralds from a low socioeconomic environment early in his life.


He moved to the Northern Territory in 1979 and has lived in many remote areas of the NT including Santa Theresa, Jabiru and Katherine as well as Darwin.


Through his entire working career, he has continued to learn and to develop his leadership style around best practice which has culminated in the recent completion of a Batchelor of Business, majoring in Management and Human Resources.


Andrew’s low socioeconomic upbringing provides a grounded and real understanding of the issues that AUS Projects NT faces with working in some of the most poorest and remote communities in Australia. He is passionate about providing Aboriginal people with employment and training opportunities and keeps this front of mind through all business decision making.

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